To pink or not to pink

Always amazed by the shop’s windows.

Just yesterday I read something about a pink village, walls, dresses, souls, and so on.

Some mediums are talking about pink plants and planets, energies, and so on.

I took this photos last year, a pandemic year unfortunately, and I have noticed that in the photos all humans are dressed more with non-colors, black and white, rather than colors.

The shops are colorfully pleasant to watch, but who is going to dress like this? When? Where?

This shop is a borough shop, a charity shop just a little bit more expensive than other charity shops around the same borough.

They have also some pleasant music as a background while you shop, but anyways to come back to my muse, I was wondering how come we – the common human – never get to dress like this, and how come black and white make us believe that if we are neutral, we are safe in a pandemic time.

Even me I was black and white dressed in this photo… I can see my reflection in the window, and I look even fatter than I am :)) (I can easily find an excuse, the window is not right, I am perfect! – Blame the window not the biscuits!) anyways, the idea is that I love this shop’s window, this creation, and I admire who ever is wearing pink like a diva, anytime!

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