Recipes & tips from family and friends – Fav & Fab recipes, by Amentys Kipa

Fav & Fab recipes, from family and friends, by Amentys Kipa

Check out my Amazon account: where you can find different colors (12 in total) for this complete Recipes Notebook, also available on 200 pages format.

Fav & Fab Recipes: Blank Recipes Book: Personal Collection of Recipes from Family & Friends, (100 cream pages – *R*E*D* cover).
*** Memories are food for the soul, but good food is what your body needs!
*** Do you remember any recipe from your grandma?
*** How about one from your mother?
*** Tell me more about the one you tasted while you were traveling in Bali or Marrakech or Nice?
*** How about the one you had invented yourself?
*** In this Notebook you can collect your Favorite or Favourite and Fabulous recipes that made many of your special days!
*** Write them down, cook them, again and again, keep them near your kitchen and cook them again, share the story of each recipe with dear ones and live in the present surrounded by flavors and where else is a better place to share soul stories than around a great dish with an imaginary amazing narrated view?

***** This notebook has:
*** 7.5×9.25 inches / 19.05×23.5 cm
*** total of 100 cream pages
*** helpful information related to types of allergens
*** helpful information related to food preferences
*** helpful information cooking related such as measurements, temperature, equivalents, etc.
*** each recipe has dedicated 2 pages
*** open read book look
*** enough space to add some tips and write down from where it is or who’s fav is
*** additional pages for special notes!

*** Fav & Fab Recipes is perfect as a *** GIFT *** or the perfect notebook for your PERSONAL USE.
*** Stop ***
having notes with recipes all over your house and
*** START ***
creating your own
all together in this useful recipes notebook.

*** Have *F*U*N* while cooking and don’t forget to add *L*o*v*e*!

Pick up your favorite color and size, collect all your favorite and fabulous recipes and write them down in your special recipe notebook.


Thank you! and leave a great review!

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