Long live the … Wig

I am fascinated of how many wigs could exist on a square meter. Also of how many people desire to be better or someone else, or fashionable, or chic, or presentable. Long fake hair, sexy, expensive, not so easy to get, hard work to create, hard to sleep with or just another art. Hair art. […]

Sunday, crimes

She is brilliant. Great insta account. Whatever she is posting is a different way to express art. What is art? Something that I might like or maybe you would not. For sure I liked David, a young perfection, I still do, even took dozens of photos of the statue years ago in Florence until a […]

Words 🙂 and Humour

Well, the Brits have as you know already a particular sense if humour. Also is well known that they are not very found of eachother, even if there are many Brits in France and many French in UK. Those are the particular ones! I was in a double decker bus once and looking at what […]

About Friday 13

Nothing! 🙂 Just a normal day. Some people believe that for sure something bad will happen. They don’t know how to protect against, and also are not aware that if you believe this, yeah, will gonna happen. Is a crazy misunderstanding, they forget that they are the creators of whatever is happening to them. Somewhere, […]

London, by night

I went to see a musical, Tina Turner one. Was so excited by the closure energetic songs that I couldn’t just jump in the bus to go home. So I had to dance-walk two-three stops my singing mood. And here it was, the view, the pedestrians at that late hour of the day. This Planet […]

Not mine, but had to share.

From France, Saint Nazaires, a complete artist, with a lot of sense of Humour. I will always admire the time a soul dedicates to lift up the mood of others. Altruism is a lovely word for a new magic world.


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