Do we really need Shoes?

I have to admit that in these nowadays, we do need shoes. Yeah, also depends where we live. If is cold, we need, if is too hot, we need again. When I was a kid, I had my summers barefooted, or going at the seaside also barefooted, even if the sand was burning like in […]

Camden moments

I go there, in Camden area to meet my friends, for a chat, I tell them my weekly stories, they tell me their weekly stories. We have our own chairs, stories, drinks, snack s and time to time I buy some 🍕 pizza from two Italians, hard working young men, just before another suspended bridge. […]

Richmond Park, and dear Deer

Dear Deer in the world, tell me how is to be free in this world! Took me “forever” to reach Richmond Park, as the trains are not really working during the weekends. Yeah, this is UK, even trains need to rest. Anyway, there are buses which replace the trains but, Richmond’s roads are busy!!! Better […]

Jealousy dies first!

Had a chat with my mum today and she sent me some flowers. Her flowers, from her yard. She told me that the yellow rose dies faster than the white or red rose. Might be true, might be false. The roses are on Romanian soil, east European air. Each time zone might influence flora differently. […]

Always, forever… Street Art

For sure you will recognise some famous personalities. Artists, politicians, history, great lines, great colour, great art collection all together! This is London.


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