Mandalas, horses & quotes (Coloring book for any age) by Amentys Kipa

it will be an atypical description…. of this exceptional coloring bookmandalas, horses & quotes

  • purchase the book…
  • when delivered to you… show some joy…. 🙂
  • find your best happy favorite place where to start coloring
  • relax your mind
  • start coloring
  • leave your imagination free
  • choose whatever colors you like
  • be free like the spirit of the horses you enjoy coloring
  • create unique mandalas with colors maybe you never dared to use
  • have a positive thinking moment while reading the quotes
  • I personally love them all, even if I tend to forget how useful is each quote for every day lifting vibration time.
  • so, more or less, this is it.
  • enjoy coloring, enjoy your special moment of relaxation, enjoy all.
  • this book has no age range… you do whatever you want with your personal joy and when you want.
  • have fun, be creative, remember that you are unique!
  • also, if you are not crazy about coloring, or you have any other preferences to relax, purchase it to keep your children busy, send it as a gift, many around you need to relax 🙂 we will not give names 🙂
  • thank you!
  • more to come!

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