5 Coloring Books for children, by Amentys Kipa

5 Coloring Books for children, By Amentys Kipa – drawings: animals and objects named in 5 languages, Easter eggs, butterflies, flowers, bunnies, baby chickens, rabbits etc.

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1. Colouring Book Flowers & Butterflies Paperback

2. Colouring Book Animals named in 5 languages Paperback

3. Colouring Easter Book Paperback

4. Colouring Book Objects named in 5 languages Paperback

5. Colouring Easter Book Paperback


Colouring Book (Animals, named in 5 languages – for Children, boys and girls – home activities – 100 pages to paint & colour *** Size 8x10inch *** – white paper – *** 100 pages for creative indoor times. ***) Colouring Books for Boys and Girls Aged +3 *** perfect for relaxing times *** enough with the TV *** enjoy colouring Animals, wild and domestic *** all named in *** ENGLISH *** GERMAN *** FRENCH *** ITALIAN *** and SPANISH *** LANGUAGES! ***

Have the experience of learning new words, see how many of them are similar, are part of a family language and if you believe that you don’t know foreign languages, you will notice that actually you know already some words, or you can recognize them easily. *** Great Colouring book for personal development of your kids or yours as a parent *** Diversity is just everywhere *** TRAVEL light SIZE ready at 8x10inch paperback format. *** Just the right size for each table or for any kid’s focus / attention / concentration. *** Kids can use colored pencils, gel pens, crayons, and why not markers. *** Precious gift for kids and not only *** indoor activities to keep your children busy and creative *** art and craft is fun *** creativity is a positive gift *** Colouring is just what you need to magic your time and have fun!

Thank you!

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