LOVE alphabet (create your memories book with your loved one or just your funny memories together, letter by letter), by Amentys Kipa

Create your own version of LOVE alphabet

*** Letter by Letter, Define a Word, a Feeling, a City, a Person, a Dream that has a significant part of your LOVE Life, or just Write a short Story which reminds You of a Funny LOVE Moment of Yours or Someone Else’s, of something that You would Really like to Remember or to Read sometimes in your Brilliant Future.

*** Complete it for Yourself or just Play it with your Loved one, ha, ha, ha, just teasing You, maybe you are Single, so, you can write about your Dog, or a crazy Cat, or just about your Imaginary Friend.

Stories about plastic Dolls are also accepted. 🙂

*** LOVE alphabet is just what You need to have some FUN.

*** Call it Personal Development.

*** Use a Fancy description of a situation!

*** Be FANCY all the way!

*** Go on, You Can do this!

*** You are in charge!

*** Alphabetic order or not, just DO IT!

*** Challenge Yourself!

*** Don’t forget, this Alphabet is not to remind You that your Life is ordinary or the Best One Ever, You are anyways UNIQUE, is just to make you CREATIVE, to put together Great Moments of your Life and PLEASE remember that Bad words can also be Beautiful and beautiful Words can be Ugly too.

*** Now you are the AUTHOR.

*** You have each Letter Twice, either because You have more Words / Memories to write about, either because You can choose a Letter/Page for yourself and your Partner the other one.

*** Are you still reading this?

*** Common, man!

*** Go and START having some LOVE, sorry, I ment FUN!

*** Description *** 8.25×8.25 inch / 20.955×20.955cm *** 60 pages *** a-z x2 letters

Check out my Amazon account: for more great products

*** Purple, Green and Blue cover

*** Perfect as a gift *** for You *** for She *** for He *** for She and He *** for LGBT community!

*** Have Fun!

*** Be Creative!

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