Long live the … Wig

I am fascinated of how many wigs could exist on a square meter.

Also of how many people desire to be better or someone else, or fashionable, or chic, or presentable.

Long fake hair, sexy, expensive, not so easy to get, hard work to create, hard to sleep with or just another art.

Hair art.

Lots of people have no idea that some are using wigs.

I had no idea until I moved to another city with more people in need of a wig or extensions.

Now I can distinguish the quality between them.

Now I can see the fashion, the family bond, the sisterhood, who is doing a good job and who doesn’t.

First time I heard about a wig was long long long time ago, when someone told me that my auntie wore one for a popular festivity and also she admitted that she was wearing one in the winter time instead of a proper winter hat.

For the rest is just Halloween….. Wearing plastic or someone else’s DNA.

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