Respect your house

Evil moment, daily stress, a great excuse to light up your lungs, just smoke outside your house.

Respect your house

There is the social smoking and the vicious one. Maybe both are vicious.

I tried it, a few times, I was doing it better in my dreams, like it was the most of most guilty pleasure ever experienced.

In reality I totally dislike it. Stinks. Is taking my air. I wonder if I was gassed in another life, that much anger is piling up in my full body.

I also hate being angry. So, better move away. Fast.

Also, just thinking at any type of tabac my mind is going to Australia, the first country (if I remember well) who choose to do negative advertising on cigarettes, describing the diversity of cancer, usually a well hated disease, now very common. Probably We all end up getting this with God having a big request from us, to live

Pleasure. Guilt. Forgiveness. Governments piling up caves with taxes.



The show must go on. You”LL light up a new cigarette.

Is vegan.

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