Hard to let go…

Keepers, hoarders …. Some of us are, some not. Women are more than men, kids, so so.

Some Zen masters tell us not to get attached to material things and to live in the present. But we are not all magicians to use what we have.

And the time is flying off so fast, when my present is boring and the future uncertain, I end up searching answers from the past, but is all so relative that I end up confused.

I like to search time to time thru my photos, I have loads, which I feel them both treasures and sometimes just useless clicks, depends on my mood.

The best memory to remember is that a friend of mine said to me, look, we look like sh#t now in this or that photo but in 10 year when we will look again at the same photo, we will say: OMG, we were looking amazing, look at that face!!!!! Lovely!!!! Now we look so old, the hormons are calm, the photo can reveal that. πŸ™‚

So, hard to let go memories, lessons, as time flies fast, I try to recap to see what the lessons were. Did I pass to the next level of consciousness? Shall I let go the dress I had when I was 20 and wore it at my first date I had with a guy who married someone else?

Shall I throw away the letters I wrote to the guy who actually had a titanium leg and ended up marring 2 elder women which were really looking alike?

Shall I throw away the Hermes scarf I found in Pennsylvania while I was visiting a small village where a Jamaican lady artist was having her own art gallery, selling paintings representing her loving supportive defunct husband? She was also selling copies of expensive postcards…

Shall I give up on memories?

Is so hard… But Is so lovely to remember moments of our lives….

How hoarder are you on a scale from 1 to 10?

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