Is all about sex and color or non-color…

Apps, apps, work and sex. Or better said: gender.

I wanted to apply for a job, or I don’t even remember for what, but it was an app I deleted after so many questions and options.

I had the feeling that what I am looking for is basically more what are they looking for.

Statistics. Humans are just statistics. Toys for research people. Are they really people?

“Hi! Nice to meet you, what gender and sexual orientation have you? Can you make a copy please of this delivery note?”

Why is so important for me to know which hole you use in your private time???!!!

I really don’t want to be racist or whatever… But even to read all these options I think I need a dictionary.

Intergalactic one, probably.

We start to lose ourselves in too many details, and at the end we don’t finish the job, remember, just to make a copy of that delivery note πŸ™‚

I haven’t even notice that some people are really keen to be recognised by their own skin colour until a friend from Malaysia send me a thumb up brown colored.

Then I realized that the thumb up for white people is the classic yellow, and I was wondering if I have to use a white icon for that.

Also, I had a form where I was asked what kind of white am I. White is white I guess. But not, according to others.

Next, and this was so funny :)) was when an Italian tv show Man had as guest a color American famous Singer and the skin of the Italian tv show Man was much more darker than the one of the guest, as in Italy it is very fashionable to be ultra over- tanned. So, now tell me which one is the colored person and which one is the white one!? When they will complete a form similar with the ones in the photos above πŸ™‚ what should they chose? :))

All I can say, is that there is a say:

Enjoy Earth, this is the only planet with chocolate and sex!

PS: and of course, better to keep it short and simple!!!!! No need to consume the forest to print out all this crap.

PS again: sorry if I have offended anyone…

Just underlining the world we live in…


  1. I answered a questionnaire once with, I kid you not, something like 100 choices of TITLE before the first name. β€œMr, Mrs, Miss, Ms, Rev, Captain, Lord, Duke, Duchess, Earl…” etc. I chose, β€œHis Holiness.”

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