The Shard, and the view!

Buildings make us writers.

The Shard, and the baby Shard

This is a big toy, a grown bean plant that might maybe be compared with the Jack and his bean seeds story (I will Google later the real name of it or if you know it, I will not even bother to 🙂 less job for me.

The writers that not master a language have to make triple effort to write even five lines.

The writers that master a language have to make probably the same effort to be read by the readers that are not mastering that language.

The Shard, might be also called a Babylon empire, piled up with many nationalities, as workers and a few nationalities, as guests.

Inside and outside, like a Superb Diva, The Shard is posing under the end of December cloudy sky, foggy thoughts of the lost tourists that still want to discover the famous London’s vibe.

The feeling of being inside of it and the feeling of being outside of it, is so different, until you get used to it.

Still, the view is THE VIEW!

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