“I stole a soul. Had to put it back!”, she said.

Ha. Sounds crazy. Well, it happens.

She was complaining “all her life” that she is short. “All her life” means that period of time until she acknowledged that being short will not hit her head or that she will not get so hurt if she would fell.

So, she fell in love instead with a handsome guy, a few years elder, just enough to match grant following the Chinese zodiac stats.

She felt that she must wear high heels as he was tall, pretty, handsome, sexy, lips, curly, dark tanned skin, in the possession of the right smile, probably suitable for a photo session for a Sandra Brown book cover, but…

Yeah! This short story has a but.

He was just that. They went out to buy some cakes and the lady vendor didn’t fell for his beauty. He was left hungry, as he needed to taste her admiration, and she didn’t even give a dime of it. No left overs for him.

In that moment he started to complain about her service, and his short high heeled lost her high heels. She didn’t need them anymore, she just realised how tall she is.

She was well, stable, grounded, inside and outside, no problems in the “attic”.

Some humans have better packaging, some humans have better quality. Vintage values.

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