Not religious but yeah, Gifts addicted… Guilty season time! :)

This is the time to stay home. Work, home, work, home, and please hide your bank cards. Now!

I went to buy toilet paper, and yes, I came back home with no toilet paper aka asspapirus!!! 🙂

I spent a lot of money, but for different things… Food, massage, acupuncture, cups, food again, fruits, salade, polenta… But no toilet paper.

I even bought some small gifts, for some friends, but I am still thinking if to keep them for myself or to offer them as per the initial intention.

I bet everyone is doing this 🤣🤣🤣, this gift is so much for me… Hmm I will buy something else for X, or Y, :))

Every shop is full, this Xmas addiction, temptation, nonsense, our room is getting smaller and smaller as we fill it with so many things we do not need.

Is just a fake feeling of feeling coated with love, as a friend of mine said once, any new item make us feel that keeps us warmer :))

I will try to keep my card cooler, I will even hide it for 3-4 days, to see if I can manage 🙂 to keep the shopping addiction under control.

I still have to buy a silly hat for a Secret Santa challenge, a coworker is bullying my winter hats and guess what, I got him for Secret Santa, yeah, you know how it is: Karma is back! so, my revenge will be sweet of course with a silly hat, telling him to join the bullied hats team! Bastard! Crazy idiotic imagination to tell someone that you ware your boyfriend underwear. Also he really believed that he is funny and as nobody was laughing he was repeatedly saing it, waiting for someone to confirm his brilliant imagination. Anyways, now I go, need to find the pay back time hat!

Happy gifts hunting, buy books, search Amentys Kipa on Amazon, Recipes notebook, great presents at a good value, no bullying, just great memories!!!

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