Connecting with… Elegance

Before moving to London, I was not a fan of trainers. I still not am a fan of the trainers. I dislike them as I consider them ugly and cheap even if they are comfy or some are quite looking somehow fashionable.

I still consider that a woman should look elegant like the lady of the first photo.

But. There is a very big but!

London is big, man! You just cannot handle London in high heels moving from here to there. So, you end up wearing trainers, as your feet will protest a lot.

My first 4 years in London I used to do 10.000 steps daily without even realising when or how. Developed muscles I had no idea that I may develop.

But, another but, now I do less. But I watch more movies.

Anyways, remember to be comfy. This is all that matters.

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