Hunting Halloween moments

Boobs, long hair, weird look and a pink dress.

Sexy for some, Halloween for others.

I love to be surprised by this wonderful city, every day, every place is just like many places in one place.

I met my usual weekend friends, they had a chair and a cup ready for me, guess where? Just on top of a concrete plate which was decorated with a very famous comunist symbol. We were all born under that symbol, we grow up hoping to live in open times, better times such as capitalism and here we are looking at boobs.

There were no boobs under comunist era. Neither condoms, nor freedom.

Now, there is no comunism in Europe, just capitalism with a fake freedom, like our selfies, many ugly things under the selfie effects.

Halloween is now everywhere, suckers ready to suck everything you have: money, health, energy, souls, lovers, hubbies, wifeies, smiles, happiness….

Be aware of that.

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