Do we really need Shoes?

Do we really need shoes?

I have to admit that in these nowadays, we do need shoes. Yeah, also depends where we live. If is cold, we need, if is too hot, we need again.

When I was a kid, I had my summers barefooted, or going at the seaside also barefooted, even if the sand was burning like in hell.

All I know is that nowadays we are not so grounded and we are kind of sensitive, in the healthy way of speaking.

I love shoes, I have many, still a few pairs new, with the label on, makes me feel prepared or thinking that they will take me to discover new worlds.

We all hear about famous shoe brands, like Manolo Blahnik, repeatedly named in the Sex and the City movie serial, and as a TV consumer you might believe that you will never see a pair like this alive, or maybe that you will never be that rich to afford to buy a pair for yourself.

And here you go, you have a walk in London and you discover by mistake the shop, and here you go, you take a day trip to Cambridge and in a charity shop you find an affordable pair to try. Make your dream, be in someone’s shoes for a dream.

The thing is that common people, especially the ones that have a daily job, in London, they don’t wear high hills anymore, trainers are the winning ones, as feet need comfort, in London you walk a lot, even if you want to be different, you need to think twice before being like a person from a fashion magazine. Big cities requires comfy shoes.

Men on the other hand, are lucky, they can buy a fancy pair of boot with an old fashion look, put some cream, and off you go, they can wear the same boots 3-4 years, no problems in the look. Not even expensive.

Me, personally, I still want to buy a pair of yellow boots. Still looking, as I need to fell in love with from the first sight.

In the same time, I still want to be grounded, so, I will probably end up with a yellow boots tattoo :)) as I am not sure if I will ever have yellow three roots :), brown, cream maybe but not yellow. 🙂

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