Camden moments

I go there, in Camden area to meet my friends, for a chat, I tell them my weekly stories, they tell me their weekly stories.

We have our own chairs, stories, drinks, snack s and time to time I buy some πŸ• pizza from two Italians, hard working young men, just before another suspended bridge.

We stay near the water, channel, how we call it, and watch the daring ones with their big long boats giving sailing lessons to corporate people which now work hard to retire soon and start a flower power life.

We all want this. One of us has already a boat. I have stamps on my passport. Another one has bitcoins and rasta dreads. Another one just got a house in Italy.

I was thinking to print my payslips just in case internet drops and I will never be able to get my pension ;)) maybe I would like to have a boat sometimes in the future.

Anyways, sometimes, we sit there and we meet new people, from around the world, living in London. We share our culture, travel memories, and monden experiences.

Is not easy to meet someone these days. Most of the people they fear to get ill or to be judged by others.

But we all want love, art, music, good life, good wellbeing.

Camden has fashion, art, creativity, during the day, during the night, every corner has artists performing.

Go Have a look!


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