Richmond Park, and dear Deer

Dear Deer in the world, tell me how is to be free in this world!

Took me “forever” to reach Richmond Park, as the trains are not really working during the weekends. Yeah, this is UK, even trains need to rest. Anyway, there are buses which replace the trains but, Richmond’s roads are busy!!! Better walking than taking the bus. Ok, ok, you sit at the top of the bus and you get the view upon Richmond’s social hive.

Today was a beautiful day, and I had the feeling that no-one was home. All Richmond habitants were enjoying the terraces, shops, fancy shops already prepared for autumnal festivities, all brands were wore, famous rich  brands, all old fashioned cars were having the usual promenade, I even seen a Gentleman in his 70’s dressed as the main character of the American movie Crocodile Dundee in a bus stop waiting in the famous western queue for educated people for a red bus.

I have also seen a dad looking like a rock star, guitar player look, with his no gender teenager with baby chicken hair colour style, long with a fancy cut, with a leopard coat, jeans and black heavy boots, with a very white marble skin face contrasting the pinkish glossed lips. Dad’s steps were ferm, child’s steps were following the dad.

Richmond’s ladies were glowing, each with style, decent and rich haircuts, jeans and shirts, scarfs, wearing also new autumnal boots.

Sunglasses, hats, light jackets, and so many many many babies…. And dogs.

There is a view upon the whole river, see the first photo with the water, behind me taking the photo, there were benches donated by families in the memory of a dear one, who loved the view while was alive of course, today, all benches were full of masters and their dogs, some dogs had a blanket to sit on, some masters were also enjoying the view while chatting with a friend at a fancy glass of champagne 🥂, yes glass of glass not paper or plastic glass. They were all fancy and prepared.

I loved it! And Richmond, yes, is clean! Very clean!

So, I have walked more and more and reached the Deer Park, Google will find it for you, and if you believe that is a big park and not easy to find the deer, just ask for it, there are lots of people willing to help you, and also they can give you tips about these particular deer, colour or race.

I have asked twice, and I got helpful information, and also I saved my legs, my energy to walk all over the park to find them, as they move a lot, is a big park, the deer are free to move where they want in the park.

There are special fences where dogs and people are not allowed to pass over, as the deer needs to rest too, and they know that they can rest there without being disturbed.

One Welsh Gentleman told me that he married a local  English lady from near the Park, 35 years ago. He is walking his dog in the Deer Park every day, but today he did something different, he took an organised Walking Tour to find out more about the area even if he lives in the area from so long. His wife protested against his decision, as she could’ve told him all about the area as she lived in since forever, but he said that the details are making the difference, and he will always recommend the tour.

Take it, you will find out details about Rolling Stones, Oasis, and so on, and for sure about the deer too.

This Gentleman, was so nice, born in Swansea, a place I want to go, he told me that there are more than 300 males and more than 300 female deer in the Park, a place where the Royals used to hunt. Many Bambi in this park.

Conclusion, do not be shy, say Hello, How do you do, smile, ask questions, share your stories also, memories make our time wonderful.

The Gentleman, asked me from where I am, his dog licked my hand and rested on my shoes while we chat, and from  somewhere in the park we heard some noise as two young deer males started a fight, a show for everyone.

Please, don’t feed the deer, the Gentleman said, as if you do so, no-one will be able to have a picnic in the park as the deer will become aggressive to steal food, and yeah, the deer is not afraid of humans anymore.

There is plenty of grass for them.

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