Jealousy dies first!

Had a chat with my mum today and she sent me some flowers. Her flowers, from her yard.

She told me that the yellow rose dies faster than the white or red rose.

Might be true, might be false.

The roses are on Romanian soil, east European air. Each time zone might influence flora differently.

Is well known that colours express feelings, states or other attributes.

White is for purity, yellow is for jealousy, red is for passion, and so on.

The mixed colours ones, imagine pure and passion together as la creme de la creme, a virgin Princess in love with the son of the most ferocious enemy of her Dad. Of course the princess is lovely and the son is hot! The dad, is just yellow! Like the rose. Will die faster, full of anger.

So much innocence, so much jealousy, so much passion built on… what? Pure fantasy and even more passion of my mum to have more invented soap stories in her yard.

I guess is an amazing joy to spend time in your own yard just watching your free nature surrounding you. Makes you feel free as well.

Which kind of rose are you or you would like to be?

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