confidence and cultures

Yes, this was a big big S*H*I*T*!

The air rat (seagull) had a good day I guess and not because the air rat was lucky to find good food but also because he had the chance to spot and hit the target, in this case me!!! :))

I was walking home, happy that I had a good day, first day at a new job and here it is a big big … seagull that spotted me :))

In some cultures means luck, in some other is just “what the bippppppp is this!!??”

Anyways I laugh a lot and I was happy that it was my backpack and not my hair… just one millisecond missed… :)))

So, I told this to my friends, family, and all agreed that I have to buy a lottery ticket. I didn’t, as I have tried many times and nothing happen.

First Saturday, I met my friends, we went to the seaside and we were sitting around a table having a beer and another bird did the same as the seagull but smaller quantity this time, on the exactly same back spot but this time on my dress…..!!!!!

Again my friends, family … told me to buy a lottery ticket, and of course I didn’t.

A working week started, Friday arrived and I checked my mail box and I got a nice letter from the new company. I thought that is something like… you are fired or you … something related with the contract, original docs and so on, but nothing alike was in that envelope…..

A nice letter, a nice envelope, and money. Yeah! I was bubbling by myself in front of the lift with the envelope in one hand, the letter with the money in the other hand and trying to understand what it is going on!

I was so surprised, took me 10 minutes to realise that the letter was sent from Germany by Deutche Post as the headquarter is in Germany and not from the main office in England.

After 10 minutes I realised that the money were 50 Euros, and not British Pounds, as I live in London, UK.

The founder of the company had his birthday one day before and as his tradition was to party every year with the employees and as this year is still uncertain about social things… he decided to send 50 euros to each of the employees to have a drink or several in his name.

He celebrated 80 years old.

What a man! German man! Thinking of us, the employees!

Now, I was thinking how come he had this courage to send to all his employees, all over the world money by post? He is German, he has a big company, courage, and why not, German Post is safe!

One of my Brit colleagues said, yeah, German Post is good, but the British Post is Royal, so, why to worry about it?

I was thinking, what if I was in another country, what other method would they have chosen?

Confidence, is the key of making the things work further.

Now I want to reply to this German man, something, like how I spent my 50 euros, but I have no idea what he would like to see from my side, as I am not a good drinker, I would not even enjoy it.

What do you think a good reply would be?

I am not gonna tell him that “you know that the universe told (sh*tted) me twice and prevented me that I will get some money?” :)))

Hope you have a great year, dear German man! Your soul is Royal anyways! It was a great surprise!

I will probably buy some paints 🙂 or brushes to paint more. Danke, Sir!

PS: look at the photo 🙂 the “spot” looks like and old man throwing a coin on the ground 🙂

Please understand that I do not want to stain my big boss name for whom I have much appreciation!

…. is just imagination… trying to read signs from the universe.

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