are you sure your reality is real?

I was just watching the other day a hypnotic show on “yopipe” where a famous guy was doing some hypnotic tricks on many of the audience.

So, I was thinking that sometimes I may have no idea why I would react in a certain way or not in a certain situation.

Take as an example a killer, I mean a person, normal person, and suddenly everyone see him as a killer and he has no idea why. The camera is showing him that he was the author of a crime and he of course will believe it so.. but …. wait a minute… is this a real reality or is a magic one?

I keep thinking about this tv show and the real fake reality provided to the audience… which may believe all is real, for a certain purpose…

The thing is, all is uncertain, the real is not real, the unreal might be real, and so on…

The big thing is, how you can make your experience better in this existence before the depression takes over and even the unreal is unreal and you get stock into a black hole.

Hard to get out… we need some super powers to see all, to see the truth. The real Truth.

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