if you think that you are a Londoner… some other might think you are not!

I met many people in London, born or not born here. But they all live in London.

I live in London. I would say that I am a Londoner. But some would say, no, you are not!

Why? I was not born here. Ok. Fair enough! I had not so much as a taste of the inside!

But I still live here! I should be a Londoner. How else should I be called?

Every time you meet someone they will ask you from where you are, even if you live here and you will continue to live here.

You answer: I am a Londoner. They will reply, yeah, me too, but still from where you are?

Your accent, your behavior, your socks, your way of walking, your body language will betray you, sooner or later.

I met one Londoner once, he popped up this topic of being a Londoner or not!

He was not bodily looking like a British guy, Londoner, but his mom was, his father was Greek, he was born here, he was not speaking Greek, but he had a great British accent. All his childhood was treated like a foreigner and even if he went at the local school, he hardly found a place in the society but later with the age he was a Londoner even if he worked hard to build up this image of a Londoner.

With the age I become a Londoner, he said, as my youth was placed between Greece a country he was not visiting that often, and England, London.

I remember he looked at me and said. You live here, but you will never be a Londoner.

I said, well, not even if I will dress like one? He said, no.

And in the end, who cares? Consider yourself an international! Is better!

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