How do you find love?

I was thinking the other day, how to define love in modern speedy days.

He sent me the best emoticon ever! (He must be obsessed with his phone.)

No. He gave me a Porsche. (He must take off some taxes from his company.)

No. He gave me a dog. (He must think that I am fat, this dog must walk my fat down.)

No. He gave me a hug, (So sweeeeeet! He must be cheap or poor or both.)

So, what is love these days?

We go around, look around us, meet people but we might create some stories about whom we might like and at the end we keep just that memory of what if there is more…

The other day, I was in a train and one gorgeous man, tanned already walked in and I have noticed his athletic ankles, made me immediately think of Brad Pitt while he was playing in Troy movie, and I kept looking full of admiration and I even surprised myself taking a better pose on my seat. I even fixed better my mask to hide my eyes dark circles, and he turns, looks around and goes back to his window sightseeing, We go off at the same station and we get in the same tube after that. He noticed my interest, a mute world was well functioning but I sat 6 seats further opposite his. I took my fake best sitting pose again, I knew that I will be watched, and he opened a book.

I said to myself, how come this guy is not mine? Relaxed, looking like a movie actor, reading books, best ankles of the month, and clean? The next station is coming, He noticed me again. Each station I was looking, he was looking, I got off at a certain time and he got in his book even more.

I was the distraction fly, he was my muse for today.

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