Can you tell when…?

Time to time is good to remember that art is art and we are all different.

I painted something one day and I said to myself.. this is just s… and one day someone said.. wow I really love this… so, art speaks to all of us differently. You never know.

I haven’t sold anything yet of my paintings… and I think I am blocked somehow … I guess is hard to let go of your creation… and I really hope that once you sell one the rest will come.

A milestone named LET IT GO!

I can tell why all the famous artist, well, most of them… they were just poor alive and famous after….

I also remember I have visited once a gallery in Romania, it was a private collection museum, and there were two rooms full of paintings from one rich spoiled daughter of 19th or 20th century… I don’t remember her name, but her paintings were with a certain style, you could have recognized her, not like mines :))) and I was wondering if she made a fortune selling those paintings or it was just a donation… for the sake of the rich daughter’s happiness? I was not impressed but … well, not my style,.. but she did worked a lot… had so many works… colorful.. some sort of joy which was not my favorite type, but at the end she lived her passion..

How you let go your art? Do you have a ritual? Is like your babies are growing up and you will never get to see them again, as it is your creation. 🙂

When you write a book – to sell – yes – you can have a copy of it.. they are all the same,, unless is signed… but an original painting… is different… is just one… you want it also… to watch it over and over again…,

I am being silly but I guess you wondered as well about this 🙂

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