Pandemic Stories

Looks like this Virus period is just perfect for the companies to change the organigramme’ blood. To get rid of the old school employees and to get some new fresh brains willing to do more for less.
Yeah, soon the kids need to support financially the parents not as for the cultural tradition custom, more as like a present economic fact.
The present times don’t offer opportunities like before to have just – one and only – a lifetime job.
Perhaps, only the security employee or the cleaning lady might get a medal after 25-years spent in the same job, the same company as a wow reward.
In my travels, I have visited a cemetery and on a family grave it was written: here rest in peace the doctor of our village which dedicated all his life to us. Same was for his wife, next grave, which was a nurse, all her life.
Now, if we look at our resumes, and if we want the future to know about what we did during our professional life, I guess we need a terra stone to write only one job title. He he. But I am pretty sure that in the future the grave will have a great screen and the facebook will show all your timeline :)))
The intelectual brothel brings up just more technologies and of course more social distance. Never seen 2 laptops having a beer and a good laugh together.
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