a Thursday Night Out, London, U.k.

It might be your trash,

but it might be someone else’s art!

photo by Acna Samskiescu, London by night

Some places in London are like this, how you see in this photo. Looking better by night rather than the daylight, or the viceversa, still Thursday evening, starting actually, with the ending time of a working day, Brits or no Brits go out to have fun. They might start with a pint or several, and they might end up with empty bottles easy to be collected after by the night ants (cleaners), showing the bravery of killing it, nail it, and dearing to go back to work next day like nothing smashed their brains and they are still able to be professionals with baby faces and urgent recovery from a dreadful hangover which is also the main subject to discuss on a Friday working day.

Who survived? Who didn’t? Oh, dear! Nubbies,..

I killed, the hangover, I am still in a good shape, said the just promoted junior manager looking at mirrored himself. My girlfriend has no idea that I have stolen her makeup to hide my last night craters.

Luckily someone invented and many companies allowed it, the “Friday, work from home” where with dignity you can answer your calls and e-mails and no one can notice your last night consequences.

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